Andrew PellThe Ever Flowing Streams of Life
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Ever Flowing Streams of Life
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Ever flowing streams of life,
It is continuous, ever flowing, never ending.
All pervasive, ever present and always moving,
It is never static and always fluid.
Always flowing, always creating, ever lucid.
A timeless expression for all of eternity;
Full of grandeur and primordial majesty,
The tide of life pours unceasingly throughout all creation.
A divine element of everlasting causation,
Deep within the jewel of life is the full power of Divinity.
There is neither beginning, nor end, only infinity.
Physical Death does not impede the flow of eternal life.
It is a mere transition and respite from human strife.
Within the all-pervading darkness there is potential light.
A light so strong, it will pierce the darkest night.
Within the stillness exists a motion as yet unrevealed.
Nothing with God will forever be sealed.
With the darkness a point of light appears.
With total love the Logos sheds many tears.
The quiescent is stirred into active state.
The Divine will always mold and create.
God will descend to all worlds so they can also receive his potency.
The life force is power, light, awe and majesty.
Angels dwell at the level which natural emotion is expressed.
God neither slumbers nor rests.
The heavenly music grows in richness and power.
Each cosmic chord creates a beautiful flower.
The great progression of life continues from Globe to Globe.
The omnipotence in all the worlds is divinely echoed.

Andrew Pell 27/10/10

The Ever Flowing Streams of Life

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