Andrew PellThe Eucharistic Feast
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Eucharistic Feast
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

All you that are now ready to commune with God,
Come forward, come now to the table, come with a pure heart.
Think of the Saints, the pilgrims and the path they have trod.
Come now, join with the Divine, and know that you and Christ will never be apart.

Come to the table and eat the bread.
Enter into the mystical silence where time is not real.
In the silence listen and wait, take in what the Master has said.
Come partake and share in this most holy meal.

Come to the table and drink the wine.
Feel the presence of the unseen guest.
Enter into the Presence and become one with the Divine.
Seek the most Sacred Heart and you will be truly blest.

Come forward, Come now, please do not be slow.
Leave all your burdens behind, be at peace.
See the table , the cross adorned with a mystic glow.
Come forward, Come now, Godís love will never cease.

Come now, partake of this Eucharistic feast.
Feel the outpouring of the divine love.
In your heart, let all hatred cease.
In reverence, accept the outpouring from above.

Go back to your seat with your life renewed.
FFeel the tranquillity and peace that only God can bestow.
Sit quietly and meditate, give thanks for this holy food.
Walk in his light and love, and watch the blessings flow.

© Andrew Pell 2001


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