Andrew PellThe Ancient of Days
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Ancient of Days
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The ancient of Days is known by many names.
His creation is always changing; nothing is ever the same.
Continual growth and re-creation is but a day in the Lord.
His creation and purpose is never flawed.
He has been before the universe was in place.
His light will still shine when all will be gone, not even a trace.
His omnipotence and awe envelops all of the many dimensions and doorways.
Yet through his light and total love he will always have his say.
As a mere mortal why do we worry about everyday things?
All will come to pass; it all has a familiar ring.
Yet we cannot comprehend the wonders of the great “I AM”.
It was Moses's destiny to become part of God's eternal plan.
He came face to face with the Lord of Hosts.
“His” awe and splendour reverberated; no one could boast.
God gave Moses Ten commandments and a way to live.
God taught the Israelites values and the way to forgive.
We have many names for The Ancient of Days.
His presence emanates throughout the universe; his light goes forth with its golden rays.

© Andrew Pell 4/09/07

The Ancient of Days

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