Andrew PellThe Affordability of Prayer
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Affordability of Prayer
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

What economic equation can we attach to prayer?
Is it so expensive that all we can do is despair?
Do we need an MBA to see the Dividends or returns?
Are we concerned that if we overstretched our resources we would burn?
Prayer is an infinite resource that is freely available all the time.
It is an asset, a defined benefit that is mine.
It is freely available to all through Godís good grace.
God is always there, anywhere, anytime anyplace.
Even if we are the most prudent financial analyst;
To talk to God in this economic climate is sheer bliss.
Prayer is the most affordable of all the coveted commodities.
God answers our prayers and hears our pleas.
Invest in prayer today because it is a sure thing.
Such wonders and returns will it bring.
Imagine communion with the eternal King of Kings.

© Andrew Pell 25/03/09

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