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The Tarot
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

You want a glimpse of the Future.
Is there some hidden secret you can ponder and nurture?
A brief moment you can hold on to.
Something Deep within you know is true.
Shuffle the cards for what you hope for.
Whether it is love, wealth or something more,
Shuffle the cards again to confirm the truth.
Be strong, do not be aloof.
Shuffle the cards again for whatever you desire.
See something that will set your heart on fire.
Go to an astrologer to plot your chart.
Someone who is good with numerology is also smart.
Wrong my friends, only God can set a course for our future.
Stop and talk to God, pray to God.
Only God can help you through this difficult time.
You do not need a fortune teller, chanting spells and rhymes.
Talk to God he alone can give you peace.
It is only when you are honest to God your troubles will cease.

Andrew Pell 30/06/2017

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