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The Great Father will Take Away
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 01/16/13
You make God laugh
In the way in that you pray
You pray for Peace yet
Do not to give Anything away
Your Species is Strange
In the most Selfish Way
Why should God Listen
To your pleads When all you
Do is kill and Take our
Children Away Into the
Darkness Each and Everyday
Their Screams And Cries to you
Are nothing they have no Voice
So you have Chosen your Way
Now it comes Back to you
You Destroy the Eden we
Gave All you do is Slay
Now you Pray and want Peace on
Earth So you Can have it your way
You think you are Gods Chosen few
Fools until your Last Days
Open Your eyes and see the True
Gods path he Gave to You
You are Hell in all You Do
It is fitting to For you to have No
Voice now So scream all Day
As you close your ears to Them
You close Ours to you You deserve
No better That is Gods Way
Show respect and Receive the Same
For Heaven does not Wait
For all on Earth are the Same
Each is imbued with Holy Breath
All each in a Special Way
So stop Killing and Regain your
Proper place Created in the most
Sacred Way and are the True
Keepers of our Way for Yes you
Are Masters of Earth
So Treat with Kindness
All that we Gave
A Paradise a Playground for All
To Live and Enjoy
Then you shall Live in Eden again
But be Forewarned This is the Only
Way to Salvation
If not Enjoy your Last Days
For to the Takers of Life
Here you Shall not Return
For what You where Given
The Great Father will Take Away
~ Tabucur ~
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 01/16/13

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