Lance LandallTake My Selfish Heart
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Take My Selfish Heart
Poetry by Lance Landall

Much within me needs changing, Lord, lest You or others I offend, Thus, such changes I ask of You, for on You, I daily depend. And one change I sorely desire, Lord, is that change that'll have me be A witness and a blessing, to all who might treat me hurtfully.

So Lord above, who hears each plea, may ample love be given me, For those ones who mightn't show love to this one who's pleading with Thee. Fill me with such love each day, until all concern for self is choked, And until all my thoughts towards such ones are but lovingly cloaked.

Again I plead, for mercy now, just like that which dwells in Thee, That I such mercy may show towards those less merciful to me. And I ask for forgiveness too, for those who might treat me cruelly, That I, via my gracious response, a better way may have them see.

Tolerance and patience I also desire and request of Thee, For those who might not understand, or who truth might dispute with me. And help me reason from my heart, and use approaches that are sound, In order that I may help remove walls where resistance I have found.

The following I also request, beginning with transparency, So that fairness and honesty Iíll return to those who might deceive me. And please free me from pretentiousness, and from feigning friendship too, That I may always, (and in every way), be honourable and true.

If anyone talks about me, Lord, saying something that's not true, Help me when I'm talking of them, not that same wrong thing to do. And when I speak, please remind me of that angel Youíve provided, Whoís there beside me every day, knowing that which I've confided.

Create in me a humble spirit, one content to serve like Thee, So that I'll display forbearance should any lord it over me. And please remove sinful pride, and any desire for attention, So that Iíll firstly seek the good of all who here in prayer I mention.

Loving Lord, on whom I call, how like You I so desire to be, So will You take my selfish heart and make it like that one in Thee? Yes, help me to always reflect you, Lord, via unselfish daily deeds, And via carefully chosen words that will sow encouraging seeds.

Oh, there's one thing Iíve forgotten, Lord, which I shouldnít have at all, Though maybe Iíve tucked it away, given that itís the hardest call. But still, my Lord, Iíll it request, should it allow someone to live: Please help me -- for anotherís sake -- my own life be prepared to give.

I will never cease from seeking, Lord, what Iím asking here of You, For I know that what Iím asking, Lord, is what Youíd want for me too. So thank you, Lord, I know that Youíve heard, and I trust Youíll grant to me These things that are sorely needed by all who want to be like Thee.

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