Andrew PellSymphonic Sunrise
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Symphonic Sunrise
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Symphony begins with the first rays of the morning light.
The birds in antiphonal chorus say goodbye to the dissipating night.
The sun as a main Soloist spreads its light with a divine aria.
The radiant light creates a special aura.
The flowers burst forth with a magnificent crescendo.
A marvellous choreographed display on show.
Their colour and perfume are the perfect memento.
The cacophony of the morning traffic forms the bass section.
Imitating the sound of an invisible pipe organ.
The animals join in the chorus and imitate the strings.
They provide beautiful sounds that the soloist sings.
The hum and movement is the essence of a brand new day.
God has the baton that controls the suns golden rays.
Tomorrow morning spend a moment to listen to the symphony.
Put God in the symphony and you have the right pitch and key.

Andrew Pell 16/08/08

Symphonic Sunrise

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