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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Stop Time
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Stop Time 1

We all need to stop time at some time.
We all hope the now will be an eternity.
There is a moment in time when blessings can set us free.
Whether it is love or peace we need that special moment.
To be able to freeze time is heaven sent.
To freeze that moment we delve into our inner resources.
We do not have to take any special courses.
If we go deep enough we can find God within.
Travel through the loud turmoil of life to enter in.
Enter then into our own inner sanctum.
There will be no noise, no beat of a drum.
Only God and his wisdom will provide the answers we seek.
That special moment in eternity we will want to keep.
Stop time; for it is now time to meditate.
Stop time, for it is now time to consecrate.
Let our life be full of love and compassion.
Let us not forget our divinely created mission.

Andrew Pell 02/02/09

Stop Time 2

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