Andrew PellStop giving energy to the things you do not believe in
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Stop giving energy to the things you do not believe in
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(Taken from a chapter by Wayne W. Dyer’s book “There is a spiritual energy to every problem”)

How true are these words that we understand and realize this potential of spiritual thought?
All of us at times waste time and energy on minor things that are inconsequential.
This saps the Divine energy in all of us.
We all need to be strong and focus on things that are important.
This is a positive learning curve that we need to focus, embrace and believe in.
The Bible keeps reminding us we are cursed by sin.
I would like to think that Sin is making an error in judgment.
We all make mistakes in this human world we live in.
God is all forgiving and merciful.
Reach out to the Divine Source of peace and love.
This peace we all yearn for can only come from God above.
As human beings we can create such wonderful things that may be beneficial to the human race.
Mankind has the ability to launch Satellites into outer space.
However we need to connect to our spirituality.
This is the only way that can set us all free.
There is a spiritual key to unlock all problems that may arise.
This comes to us in many varied ways and sometimes in disguise.
Pray to our heavenly Father to help us walk in the light.
There is out there a beautiful vision for all of us to embrace.
This could be the ultimate journey that can and will save the human race.
Be at peace and always love one another.
Boldly move forward and do not run for cover.
Embrace the freedom of thought because sometimes intellectual dogma can smother.
Give your energy that will help build a better World,
Release fears of resentment and fears of failure.
We all are capable of wonderful accomplishments, this is our destiny.
This is God’s give to us without any stress or fuss.
Open our eyes and embrace this wonderful gift that is freely given to us,
Let us share all the positive things that will make this Earth a paradise once more.
This starts with each and all of us being positive and helping those who need guidance and love.
Every morning say hello and embrace your neighbor and friend.
All past hurts and sorrows God will provide the wisdom for you to mend.

Poem by Andrew Pell 25/02/2021 

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