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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Sleep dear one
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

At the end of the day simply close your eyes.
Dream of a paradise, a beautiful place,
Peace and calm will gently cascade over you.
There is no rush because life does not have to be a race.
Your mind will drift into a beautiful world.
A magical world where you will experience light and love,
It will descend upon you like a gentle dove.
All the earthly troubles will gently pass away.
Visualize a million stars looking down and smiling at you.
Sleep dearest one there is nothing more to do.
Tomorrow will be another day, another journey.
Wake up tomorrow morning and say thank you to God above.
Tomorrow’s journey will begin at dawn.
Be adventurous do not be withdrawn.
Life can be an exciting journey that we all undertake,
Full of laughter and full of fun,
We work and play till day is done.
Sleep dearest one the Angels are with you.
God will always walk with you to.
For God can and will make all things new.

© Andrew Pell 12/10/2021


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