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Sitting with a Convalescent Blackbacked Gull

...How glorious the Healing Love
of God
within the creatures:
the peace that Animals and Nature
if not threatened -
have within.
...How fragile is the mood in which
it's nurtured:
that elusive calmness;
that "still centre",  quietly letting
all else go.
...then...offer up your 'be-ing'
to the Heavens;
feel gentle peace descending
like a dove;
 ask yourself,
 "Why all the rush and bustle,
when Peace could be dictating
every move!"
...Imagine it encompassing
the planet  -
predetermining our
every act,
moving in and through our
every comment,
- establishing sweet reason
as a fact,
a silent bond 'twixt Man
 and Nature, Creatures,
and Earth and all it holds -
- a tender pact...

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