Andrew PellIn Simple trust like theirs who heard
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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In Simple trust like theirs who heard
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We do not have to be Doctors of Theology to hear voice calling us to serve the Lord.
It is a beautiful calling that cannot be ignored.
It is a calling that everyone can afford.
Jesus calling the disciples to spread the word,
Godís revelations in simple truths that can be heard,
Not in theological dogma that nobody can understand.
It was in the simple language of the time that Christ had planned.
Simple men, simple language doing the service of Christ the Lord,
Not in a Eucharist Service in Latin or Greek.
But in the language of the people at the time,
A simple calling to follow him and to earnestly seek,
Not to aristocracy, not to the rich, but to the humble and meek.
Simple men Christ had chosen to follow him.
The Kingdom of God in such simplicity did he bring,
We sit in complicated Church Services today.
We wonder is there some other way
The early disciples simple men followed Christ and did earnestly pray.
The world was changed by these simple folk.
The wise and intelligent did not understand, they thought it was some big joke.
God had the last laugh, the simple fishermen brought the Good news.
Now much of the world knows Christ and spreads the word.
In Palaces and Gothic Cathedrals the simple words are heard.

(c) Andrew Pell 14/05/2018


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