Andrew PellThe Rock on which I Build
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The Rock on which I Build
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

“You are the rock”, on which I will build my Church,
Peter no longer afraid and filled with the spirit of the Lord,
Accepted this commission with a new sense of purpose and direction,
No longer will there be inaction.
This sacred mission will eventually lead him to the cross,
To die a martyr’s death and to be crucified upside down was his last wish.
He felt unworthy to die on the cross, the same way our Lord did die.
But he understood, he would spend eternity with his Lord and Master.
He changed lives, he healed the sick.
This sacred mission was his burning passion.
He was the solid rock on which the Church of Christ was built.

(c) Andrew Pell 21/05/2018

Apostle Peter
Anthony Van Dyke (Flemish painter,1599-1641) Penitent Apostle Peter (1617-1618), Oil on canvas, Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia.

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