by Guila Manchester


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By Guila Manchester

In the front yard now there's a hollow place
Near a tree of a pretty size.
And there by the side of the hollow place
A dog named Lady lies.

And I wonder sometimes if she likes the shade
On a balmy summer's day.
Or if maybe she knows in the hollow place
Lies the friend who went away.

I found them just a year ago
In a shack at the foot of the hill.
The people moved out and left them there,
As a "human" sometimes will.

But the animals stayed and tried to survive
In the only home they knew.
and waited each day for the longed return,
As only a dog will do.

Lady, now, is a healthy dog,
Tho she'll never be free from fear.
She lies at my feet and begs for love;
Then cringes when I draw near.

And my beautiful gentle sheep dog friend
Had a home such a tiny spell,
For he died from some unknown thing
We were trying to make him well.

And now in the yard with the hollow place
Another sheep dog plays
Lady looks on, but she won't join in.
She remembers the other days.

And I watch with love my dear new friend.
I am glad he has come to stay.
But my heart still yearns, as it always will,
For the friend who has gone away.

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