Andrew PellRejoice in the Lord Always
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Rejoice in the Lord Always
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Rejoice in the Lord always
Do not let it become a passing phase.
Seek the divine peace, the presence while you may.
He is always there to uplift you in his arms.
Feel the power, embrace the calm.
You are a new creation.
Yet the father will fill you with such elation
Each day, each person is but a divine gift.
There will never ever be a rift.
Walk in humbleness, but show courage and strength.
These concepts are not incompatible, but may simply vary in length.
Walk in his light.
You will be given new sight and insight.
Extend your hand to a stranger today.
This will ignite the Divine Spark in that person in some way.
Let there be light.
The darkness and negativity that weigh us down will take flight.

Andrew Pell 8/12/2005

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