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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The sun settled gently over the little town
Each ray of light illuminated the ground.
The gentle stream sparkled bright with the morning light,
And I watched the birds of the air in their graceful flight.

But this happiness does not encompass all my thought,
I think of all the blessings life has brought,
And one of those blessings was meeting you dear,
A blessing so rich, so rare and pure like water crystal clear.

I think of you my dear, each moment of the day.
I think of all those things I wanted to say,
I think of all the passing hours and of days gone by,
The times I have spoken to you, on this my thoughts rely.

Each day was a treasure abundant in gold,
Each day brought a vision, a dream to unfold
The times you walked by so graceful and delicate
The warmth of your manner did fervently radiate.

And when you spoke, an enchanting rhapsody
So serene, so melodic, yet so majestic
Each little word, each phrase so harmonic in nature,
Each interval, each cadence so perfect in structure.

Each smile you gave was a portrait a work of art
So precious so idyllic it enthralled my heart
Your eyes shone bright like the moon above.
I took to the sky like a high soaring dove.

These are the thoughts and dreams that perplex my mind.
I search for hours for answers that cannot be found.
But sorrow is transient and will not last.
The summer sun is approaching and approaching fast.

Andrew Pell 1986

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