Andrew PellHis Precious Blood holds the Key
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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His Precious Blood holds the Key
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Jesus travelled far and wide to teach the word and heal the sick.
He ministered to everyone and shared the Gospel of the Kingdom with them.
Jesus was the light in the darkness throughout the known World.
God sent him on a mission to preach and ultimately pay the penalty for sin.
Love, peace and forgiveness happily did he bring.
His disciples heard his calling and gave up everything to follow him.
They travelled far and wide and no one was denied.
He was betrayed, punished and sentenced to death.
The world was in darkness and in utter chaos.
Then on the third day a beautiful sunrise appeared in the sky.
The Tomb was found empty and the burial cloth was neatly folded.
The Universe echoed songs of much joy and happiness.
Christís precious blood held the Key.
Mankind was saved because of the death of Christ,
The World from sin is now set free.

© Andrew Pell 30/03/2021

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