Andrew PellPlease drink from the Well of Courage
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Please drink from the Well of Courage
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(A quote from Unity)

At times in our life we sometimes lack the courage to fulfill our dreams.
Nothing sometimes is not quite what it seems,
We walk away not knowing what to do.
Every day in life there is something beautiful and new.
There are times when we need to step outside of ourselves.
There is nothing wrong with being strong and having courage.
We can be strong in a caring affirmative way.
Take on challenges and not be afraid of achieving what you need to do.
Being affirmative and being positive is a very spiritual tool.
Embrace it, cherish it, nurture it and live it.
Allow the universe to walk with you and guide you.
These spiritual words acts as a magnet and bring you the outcome you desire.
This will set your heart on fire.
Do not be afraid to drink from the Well of courage.
You do not need to be a hermit or a sage.
We all have the ability to control our destiny in life.
Being negative and not knowing where to turn gets us in strife.
Manifest your goals, needs and wants.
Make them happen by drinking from the spiritual font.
Such wonders and achievements will you see,
God working through the Divine spiritual energy will set you free.

Andrew Pell 16/02/2021

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