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Personal Jesus
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

He was a divine being of peace.
Through him all conflict will ultimately cease.
He was a man of sorrow.
Through him we can all enjoy a free tomorrow.
He healed all the infirmed and the ill.
To the poor their cup did he fill.
To all evildoers he cast them aside.
To the pure in heart he would walk side by side.
He brought freedom from the despair of mundane life.
He will always be there when we are in strife.
Jesus is the joy of mystical receptivity.
He has the key to free all those in captivity.
To believe in Jesus is to find comfort and solace.
To believe in Jesus is to see God face to face.
He came from his Fathers throne to bring light and love.
It is given freely with no conditions from God above.
He stretched out his hand and raised the dead.
He took loaves and fishes and to the hungry fed.
He died and arose again in three short days.
Now all saints throughout eternity will be raised.
Get to know the personal Jesus, let him be your guide.
In your heart and body, he will always abide.

Andrew Pell 21/05/07

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