Andrew PellPeople Are Treated So Badly
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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People Are Treated So Badly
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell


On a bus or train people yell at one another.
The rest just want to run for cover.
Human beings are no longer patient and kind.
If someone helps someone, it is a treasure to find.
This should be in a kind word to someone we donít know.
God has shown us the way, yet we treat everyone as a foe.
The world has become selfish and arrogant.
Life should be like a beautiful plant.
We need to help anybody in need.
The hungry collectively we can clothe and feed.
Forget our self-importance for a microsecond in time.
Let our arrogance become benign.
Let us be a channel for the divine to flow.
Let us sublimate our ego.
Let us be gardeners for the divine.
Let the seeds of goodness blossom over time.
People need to be treated with kindness and respect.
Godís divine mission will never become derelict.
Now is the time to plant the roses of peace and love.
Their fragrance will soar far and high above.

© Andrew Pell 15/05/10


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