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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Andrew Pell
A Parishioner (Left) Andrew Pell Director of Music for the Historic Garrison Church at The Rocks Sydney (myself) in the middle., Sam Lopez Organist of St.Nicolas Church Coogee on the right. (Now Deceased).

Andrew Pell
A photo of St.Nicolas Anglican Church Coogee with the Choir taken in 1969.

Andrew Pell
Myself (Andrew Pell) – Playing the Pipe Organ at the Historic Garrison Church. Also known as the Church of the Holy Trinity.

Andrew Pell
Myself Andrew Pell conducting the Choir of the Garrison Church.

Andrew Pell
Frank Lucas at the organ at St.Nicolas Church Coogee. Photo taken in 1969.

Andrew Pell
(Myself) Andrew Pell conducting the Choir of the Garrison Church in 1992.

I give thanks to the wonderful ministry I have had in music with such wonderful people and their kind support. It has been a real blessing.

Martin Luther the great Theologian once said “I would gladly see all the arts, especially Music serving Him (God) who has given them and made them what they are.”

I have always tried to live up to that in my Church life and in my Music ministry.

“To God be the glory.”

Specification of the Organ at Holy Trinity (Garrison Church)

To preserve the history of this instrument, here are the specifications of the Pipe Organ that once was used at the Historic Garrison Church at the Rocks Area (Millers Point).

This Organ is no longer in use and was dismantled in about 2012. I am not too sure of the exact date.

Great Swell

Dulciana 8’ Stopped Diapason 8’
Diapason 8’ Open Diapason 8’
Claribel 8’ Gamba 8’
Flute 4’ Principal 4’
Principal 4’ Mixture (19.22) II
Fifteenth 2’ Trumpet 8’


Bourdon 16’


Swell to Great (also couples Swell to Pedal)
Great to Pedal

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