Andrew PellOur God is Too Small
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Our God is Too Small
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Is God too small?
In our mind did God take a gigantic fall?
How do we perceive the sustainer of all life?
Without God the universe would be in real strife.
It is our personal experiences that limit or magnify our perceptions of the almighty.
It is the wise that know God can truly understand and with clarity see.
If we think God is small, we need to expand our consciousness and understanding.
To Truly recognise that he Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
Is God to Small?
Do we answer his call?
Get to know God, experience his abundant Love.
His Throne is with us not in the firmament above.
He chooses us; he calls us to his side.
Then in our hearts he will always abide

Andrew Pell 6/01/08

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