Andrew PellO God Beyond All Time and Space
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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O God Beyond All Time and Space
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

He came from beyond all Time and space.
To help and carry a fallen human race.
He was born into a small Jewish family.
In the beginning only his wondrous acts could they see.
He brought to this world divine and unconditional love.
He touched peoples hearts, opened their eyes to the truth from above.
In Godís Love there is no sunset clause or expiry date.
His gift was an all-encompassing love; no one would de denied, because they were late.
He was thirty-three when he paid the ultimate sacrifice.
Some of the execution party gambled for his garments with the roll of the dice.
He was buried; the world entered its most forlorn and darkened state.
But Christís Love and divine Spirit could not hold back, only he could unlock the gate.
Then on the third morning was the most brilliant and dazzling sunrise, a sunrise the world had not seen before.
The heavenly hosts and earthly saints joined in a unison chorus. They all cried this the lamb we all adore.
In his new and heavenly state, he walked and preached about the God of love.
His great invocation was ď Love one another, as I have loved you.Ē
Open your hearts and your arms, only then will you my disciples be.
He came from beyond all time and space
He rescued mankind from the darkness and chaos, and preached to a new enlightened human race

© Andrew Pell 2003

Go on to O King of the Sunís brightness, who alone has knowledge of our purpose. Please be with us every day and every night
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