Andrew PellNothing is by Chance
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Nothing is by Chance
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Nothing is by chance for God has pre ordained everything to happen, both Good and bad.
There will be Wars and rumours of Wars, menís hearts will faint at the sheer terror.
This prospect of an all out war makes me feel very sad.
Nation will rise against nation and Children will fight against their parents.
Evil will infect the world, but only for a short time.
For the sake of the righteous and the pure in heart, he will step in.
There is no way he would let humans mad with power to destroy his creation.
To God, this was never going to be an option.
When God intervenes, menís hearts will tremble with fear,
The evil ones knew their judgement was very near.
Even the Rocks and the Mountains could not give them safety.
Many millions will die, because they followed a lie.
For the sake of the elect, God mercifully will intervene.
The heavenly hosts on high looked down with Pity and tears in the eyes.
They could hear Manís anguish, frustration and their sad unending cries.
Christ will step in and then will follow a period of cleansing and purifying the earth.
Men and Women will live in a Utopian world, an untold paradise.
The Evil one would be banished for a thousand years.
Imagine a world of everlasting peace and prosperity.
Only God could do that.
A-men, A-men, A-men
To God everlasting Praise and Thanksgiving

(c) Andrew Pell 06/04/2020

Jesus in heaven

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