Andrew PellNever lose hope, never lose Love
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Never lose hope, never lose Love
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Sometime it is easy to give up and not care.
We all at times feel down and walk around with a frown.
It would be easy to lock ourselves in our apartments,
And not go outside.
It is the classic symptoms of an emotional recession.
If not treated by a Professional, it could lead to a depression.
If you feel that way, see a Doctor or talk to a close friend.
You will be surprised by how quickly you will be on the mend.
If we open our eyes we would see the rich tapestry of Light and Love.
Coming down towards us from the heavens above,
Experience and visualise the warmth and total tranquillity of peace and Love.
This is not some far- fetched goal to achieve.
It is there openly for us to receive.
Love will enter our lives if we are receptive to it.
Love will not find us if we go into a corner and simply sit.
There could be a future husband or wife looking for you as well.
Be open, be receptive and be loving and caring.
I cannot say anymore, now let Love knock at your door.

(c) Andrew Pell 04/04/2020

(This is picture is in the Public domain for free use and download)

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