Andrew PellMy Walk with God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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My Walk with God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

When I was 8, the Master took me by the hand.
He said. “My son, I have something for you to do.
We have walked together every single day.
There was a lot to do. His words rang true.
I wasn’t called to teach Theology in the scholarly halls of learning.
My task was a simple one, yet so very complex. It took a lot of discerning.
He commanded me to love and show love to everyone.
It was a pure love that sought nothing in return. To love like his only son.
I to will take a stranger by the hand.
I will carry them and walk with them across the timeless sand.
When they needed a neighbor, I made sure I was there.
It showed that God really does care.
I will give a warm caring smile; to a person I don’t know.
This is the love that God wanted me to sow.
My work for God has not changed at all.
He is always there to guide me. I know I cannot fall.
To all my beautiful friends; I am blessed each and every day.
As the Gospel says, “Many are called, few are chosen”
Do not let your love become cold and frozen.
Let your life so shine that that people will see the Christ light.
This light will shine in men and women’s hearts so very bright.

© Andrew Pell 29/01/06

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