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Mobile Phones
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We live in an age where we are contactable every second of the day.
In this technological age, people have so much to say.
The down side of all of this is that it is no longer face to face.
Life moves at such a fast pace.
Business meetings can now be done on the bus with a phone.
It can be a business proposition or simply asking for a loan.
Look at a typical lunch with friends, rather than talk to the people around you,
You are talking to people on the mobile.
We may have become smarter, but poorer in human contact.
Gone is the warmth of face to face meetings.
Let alone a polite greeting.
Put the phone away and go out and talk to a person face to face.
Fill the world again with love a good grace.
Step outside of your hectic pace.
Be human again and go out to visit someone you love.

(c) Andrew Pell 19/07/2019

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