Andrew PellLike Earth’s Proud Empires pass away
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“Like Earth’s Proud Empires pass away”
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(A line from that Beautiful Hymn "The Day thou gave us, Lord is ended"

Throughout history it has been recorded that major Empires have come and gone.
Empires are made in History from those who have wealth and are strong.
Alexander’s Empire stretched across a large part of the globe.
His huge army for 10 years followed.
Alexander openly wept when he was in India, for there were no more Worlds to conquer.
The Roman Empire conquered a large part of the west.
Rome’s armies were ultimately stretched and ultimately conquered.
Rome’s Empire was eventually broken up and scattered.
It is the same story for all Empires that conquered others eventually fell into decline.
Because God said “This Earth is mine.”
There is only one Kingdom that will last forever,
With God, we are always an accepted member.

(c) Andrew Pell 07/04/2020


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