Andrew PellA Sub Treatise on the Light of Eternal Day
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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A Sub Treatise on the Light of Eternal Day
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

eternal day Andrew Pell

Have you ever imagined a day of perpetual light,
A day that never ends
Sunlight for all eternity,
A wonderful gift for you and me,
An Incandescent glow that will forever burn bright,
God is the mind that that holds the cosmos together.
The everlasting promise that will never come undone or sever.
Hold fast by the divine creative process.
Let a sun ray gently kiss you on the cheek,
Illuminating the heart body mind and soul,
Such enormous power transcending time and space,
Christ enters forth because of his kind dispensation and grace.
We are God’s children inheriting his eternal light.
Our hearts and mind illuminated because of God’s Divine presence
God is also constant throughout all of our earthly journey
A journey we take without fear or malice.
God is everywhere and anywhere.
As his children we are blessed at any given time
We walk together in fellowship with congregations, friends and most importantly with God.
We see the infinite, incandescent beauty of the Divine monarchical majesty
No Night or darkness illuminating each path and time warp that is divinely directed.
Untold myriads of Worlds taking Part in the creation of fathomless galaxies forming and reforming.
All the Arch angels, lower angels carrying out their divine mission of formation and creation,
There is an eternal sunrise that never sets.
Transcient, moving in and outside of time and space,
A source of infinite beauty, causeless majesty when God commands “Let it begin”
The Celestial and primordial music and utterances affecting worlds not yet created.
Infinite majesty and mystery , esoteric pre history.
Worlds fashioned by his Divine hand and all of the spirit beings yielding to God’s Divine Law.
Cosmology, Astronomy, Astrology ALL working together interwoven as one..
A divine intellect that only the cosmos understands and those doing God’s biddings know what to do to assist and help creation .
A thesis excelgisis that transcends all universes, time and space
“We blossom and flourish as leaves on the tree, and wither and perish, but nought changeth thee.”(From the Hymn Immortal Invisible God only wise.”
An expanded universes created by subatomic particles seeded in deep space where life is continuous , never sleeps, creating and refining, pure and primordial.
Worlds being created out of cosmic explosions dealing with dark matter.
Our minds limited by humanity cannot fully understand the causative process involved,
This is a strand of extra geology encased with theology not naturally understood by Mortal man.
In Conclusion
Fusion and subatomic particles creating light shows for man and his descendants an eternity to see and study. (Until such time a new earth and a new heaven comes into place
The Hubble telescope allows us to view vast galaxies created millions of years ago,

“To God be the glory, great things he has done.

© Andrew Pell

eternal day Andrew Pell

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