Andrew PellLayers of the Easter Message
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Layers of the Easter Message
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Layers of the Easter Message

The Easter message brings renewed hope and certainty.
Godís love is never ending, encompassing eternity.
There is no death now but life eternal.
Freely given by Christ the King supernal.
Christ enthroned heavenly seated.
New life, new hope, darkness defeated.
In that gift we have a commission.
Let us not commit sins of omission.
This is a gift we share with all people.
Not just praying in a Church with a tall steeple.
Love one another as Christ has loved us.
Do this without hesitation or fuss.
Love all animals, as they need our love as well.
St. Francis revered all life and had much to tell.
God is in all life and everywhere.
Embrace God and accept life changes if you dare.

© Andrew Pell 09/04/12

Layers of the Easter Message
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