Andrew PellKindness is an Underrated Gift
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Kindness is an Underrated Gift
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Kindness is an underrated gift.
When we are kind it certainly gives people a lift.
We all can be kind when we want to be.
It is a gift that sets people free.
Kindness is underrated because it means a great deal.
It is approved and encouraged by God with his heavenly seal.
All of us have the ability to show kindness to a person in need.
All it may require is simply giving them a feed.
We all need to turn away from our arrogance and greed.
Politicians and those in authority need to practice kindness.
The populace will not think of them any less.
There is strength in the ability to be kind.
Many doors and many hearts will open you will find.
It will bring compassion and insight to the spiritually blind.
Never underestimate the act of kindness today.
Through Kindness God will have his say?
Embrace this gift today

Andrew Pell 06/07/08

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