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Kelly my beautiful Dog
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

You were a beautiful Dog much loved by everyone.
You were with mum for 10 years before she passed on.
Year 2018 was a terrible year, I had to be strong.
I prayed to God every single day.
There was so much I needed to say.
You were there for me when Mum was gone.
When I had to down size and move,
I wished I could have taken you with me.
The reality was that I wasn’t that free.
But I am happy you went to a good home.
A place where you could run and roam,
You brought such joy to myself and mum each day.
I had to think of your care and health.
You were such a gift from God, a beautiful Dog.
Now I simply walk around in a depressed darkness,
Almost like an overwhelming fog that overwhelms me at times.
There is no reason or rhyme.
Kelly, you were my friend when Mum passed away.
When I was working, Kelly you were with Mum every single day.
You were not just a pet, but a loving member of the Family.
You were always friendly, caring and happy.
We played in the back yard, you always chased the ball.
I used to love taking you for a walk.
If only you could talk.
I pray that you are well and the new owners love you and look after you.
This is all I wanted to say and deeply pray.
Kelly, both Mum and I you loved you.
When you were running in the Park,
You were happy and bark with happiness.
You went to another home that filled me with Deep sadness.
Sometimes I think there is no justice.
Or, in life some purpose,
Sometimes life seems hopeless.
Kelly you will always be in my thoughts and my heart.
You are in my prayers.
Because I know that God really does care.

(c) Andrew Pell 04/04/2020

dog Kelly

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