By Janet Riddle


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By Janet Riddle

Jesus, cleanse my eyes to see
when I am weary, you will lift me
For the suffering I will always stand
when I fear, I will hold your hand

Jesus, cleanse my ears to hear
when I am worn, I will need your ear
I will hear both laughter and cries
when temptation is heard, be my disguise

Jesus, cleanse my heart to feel
instead of regrets, I will kneel
When I weaken under so much despair
I lean on your throne, there I will bare

Jesus, cleanse my tongue to speak
I am here for the voiceless and weak
It is your words that I am to say
you shine your light into my fray

Jesus, cleanse my mind to be
the relieving hands of mercy
Please shape me where it is I lack
I have faith in your beauty inside the black

Jesus, cleanse me of my past
back when right and wrong clashed
You found me through my locked doors
my soul revived and my breath yours

- - -

When Janet sent us this poem on 21 August 2003, she wrote: "I wrote another poem for the website. It was written yesterday when I was just tired and discouraged because of people using the Bible to justify animal mutilation, brutality and murder."