Mary T. Hoffman“Humane” Farming?
Poetry by Mary T. Hoffman
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“Humane” Farming?
Poetry by Mary T. Hoffman

“Humane” farming? What a scam!
Slaughtered pigs turned into ham,
Calves becoming “humane” veal –
Doublespeak is here for real!

“Humane” farming? Give me a break!
Cruelty your name is “steak.”
They committed no offense;
For killing them there’s no defense.

“Humane” farming? What a lie!
Causing animals to die
For human gluttony and greed,
When there’s no need for them to breed.

Doublespeak’s become the rule;
Consumer’s taken for a fool.
Evilness is called “humane” –
Now indeed does Satan reign!

Eggs are stolen from a mother,
Death imposed on any other
Animal that they can sell.
Shame on all who spawn this hell.

(Written 9 December 2006, after receiving “humane farming” propaganda in the mail.)

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