Andrew PellHow Beautiful You Are
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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How Beautiful You Are
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Dedicated to all lovers and those who have embraced the God Given Gift of Marriage...

"How beautiful you are".
These words are very true.
"You are more lovelier than the day".
There is so much that I need to say.
In my heart there will always be room.
Two hearts beating in tune.
Softly and Tenderly calling each other,
For there can be no other.
Holding hands under the silvery moon.
Two souls looking in each other's eyes at noon.
A dazzling display of fireworks all the time.
When they hold hands time stands still.
Is this not the Father's will.
They are like Water crystal clear.
Together they uphold each with nothing to fear.
They need neither a reader or a seer.
Walking hand in hand.
Across the timeless sand...

Andrew Pell 19/01/2017

beautiful marriage

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