Andrew PellHe Wipes the Tear From Every Eye
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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He Wipes the Tear From Every Eye
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(Rev 21:4)

When the strains of life overtake our soul.
We fall down into a very deep hole.
The beauty and grandeur of life becomes a horrid tale.
Our hearts and minds are blown away by a torrential gale.

We long for an ocean ride with billowed sail.
In our hearts we know we cannot fail.
We turn to God to unburden our hearts.
We escape negativityís venomous darts.

He wipes the tear from every eye.
Out of the deep foreboding caverns, we have the power to fly.
Cleansed, purified, anointed we move forward in love.
We soar heavenward into Godís realm above.

How can we interpret Godís unending peace?
Turmoil and anguish dissipate and will ultimately cease.
He wipes the tears from all our eyes.
We are no longer caught up in evil and their untold lies.

He wipes the tears from every eye.
The creative forces of God now apply.
Moment by moment untold miracles appear.
No longer we hold or hold on to any fear.

The grandeur and beauty of Godís realm is clear.
We no longer need to consult an unholy seer.
We are carried and uplifted by his angels of light.
When we are with God there is never any night.

He wipes the tears from every eye.
Higher and higher we want to fly.
Far into the heavens he uplifts our soul.
Our hearts aflame like a hot burning coal.

We reach out to all in love.
We imitate God in his realm above.
We plant the holy seed into the hearts of man.
Godís goodness and love will take hold and ultimately stand.

He wipes the tear from every eye.
We are transformed, transfixed, a shining starry sky.
Heavenís gate is open wide,
God comes down to earth and walks by our side.

© Andrew Pell 01/08/08

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