Andrew PellHard times reveal true friends
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Hard times reveal true friends
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

 (A quote by my friend ER)

friend in need

When things are really bad hard times follow.
This brings distress, anxiety and a lot of sorrow.
We wonder what is going to happen tomorrow.
Hard times will reveal who our true friends really are.
Friends and family bond together to get through this troubled time,
Twelve months ago no one thought this pandemic would touch the world in the way it did.
Christmas will not be the same ever again.
Freedoms of getting together in large groups will become a thing of the past.
We earnestly pray that this pandemic will not last.
However true friends will always be there for us,
They help without any malice or fuss.
Every day spend a few moments praying to God above.
Remember God is perfection and total love.
God is the only hope in this pandemic world today.
Hard times will always reveal true friends.
Embrace your friends and say thank you.

Andrew Pell 22/12/2020


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