Andrew PellHappy New Year 2007
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Happy New Year 2007
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

May the magic of Christmas carry you through the New Year?
It is a new start, a new beginning; embrace 2007 without any fear.
The past is behind. A bright future is shining on the horizon.
It beacons you to move forward with excitement and anticipation.
Be bold and take a giant step forward with enthusiasm and joyous elation.
The journey of life does not stop; God propels us forward.
Swim with the current and see your spirits soar.
As you move forward, let go of all the negativity.
Open your eyes so you can clearly see.
May 2007 bring each and every one of you a magical moment in time.
Your Camelot here on earth.
A time of peace, a time for others, a time for rebirth.

Andrew Pell 30/12/06

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