Andrew PellHappy Are Those
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Happy Are Those
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Happy are those who walk in the light.
They neither fear death or the darkest night.
They have the ability to overcome all trials.
There is never any self-denial.

Happy are those who clearly see.
They can unravel the universal mystery.
Watch them aspire and achieve the impossible.
They are nobodyís fool.

Happy are those who trust in Godís holy power.
They are victorious hour by hour.
Victory and blessings come their way.
Christ who leads them has his say.

Happy are those whose mercy extends to all.
They will neither stumble nor fall.
They heeded the call and walked in love.
God blessed them from his throne above.

Happy are those who walk in peace.
Their bounties and blessings will only increase.
Happy are those who blaze the trail.
They will never become anxious or frail

© Andrew Pell 26/02/09

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