Andrew PellThe Great Revelation
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Great Revelation
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

God has made his presence known many times throughout history.
The evidence that God exists is very real, it is certainly not a mystery.
Throughout the dawn of civilization, God has interacted with us mortals.
It wasn't through some exotic incense or magic portal.
He created us and the world we live in.
It is our folly that we turned our backs and committed sin.
God loved us so much that he would not let us go.
Infinite love, patience and grace did he show.
God decided to send his son, Jesus Christ
To be born into this world and be like you and me.
The heavenly hosts and angelic choir sung with glee.
God's plan to ultimately reveal himself and walk with man.
The total love , commitment and reconciliation was God's divine plan.
Jesus was born to pay the penalty of man's wickedness.
Mankind no longer walked in darkness.
Evil retreated , defeated and banished forever.
The Great revelation came through Christ our Lord.
Mankind pardoned forever, God ever adored.

Andrew Pell 13/05/2016


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