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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Godís Government
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

It is now time for Godís Government to be on earth.
The cycle of violence continues, the ceaseless killings go unchecked.
Come Lord, God almighty, give this old and tired planet and people rebirth.
The savages and horrors of war, this ancient land has wrecked.
The apocalyptic era is now only days away.
Come Lord of Hosts, bring your divine peace.
The lightening will flash from East to west throughout the day.
We pray that all hatred will cease.
Man in his arrogance has mocked you O Lord.
Come Lord of Hosts, your sword of Justice will be swift.
Man has set himself up, it his himself that he has adorned
You gave us a most precious gift.
All nations will tremble before the Lord of Hosts.
The conflict will be short for the sake of the elect.
After the Lordís return, man no more will boast.
Godís Government will immediately take effect.
Peace and harmony between brothers of all nations.
God shall reign, A thousand years of peace is your divine gift.
There will be singing in the streets, and in their hearts will be great elation.
There is peace and harmony and beauty. The world no longer is cast adrift.

© Andrew Pell 2004-04

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