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Godís Marathon
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Many have run this race before.
Run the race, steady the course.
It opens Godís heavenly door.
In this marathon everyone is a winner.
Regardless of rich, poor, saint or sinner,
The handicapped will always have a head start.
God will always be their cheer person and never depart
The crown of life is given to all and sundry.
To the affluent and to the hungry,
The marathon is a lifetime of love and sacrifice.
You do not have to throw dice.
Repentance and forgiveness is the key to receive Godís gold.
With all of Godís athletes there is a wonderful story to be told.
It is inspirational how their lives have changed.
The marathon track can be at times a rugged uphill range.
Visualize Christ as your coach and run the race for him.
Receive your medal from the King of Kings.
In the end all will be victorious.
A story of Christís athletes that is simply marvellous.

ďlooking only unto Jesus, this is victoryĒ

© Andrew Pell 19/06/2014

Andrew Pell poetry marathon

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