Andrew PellGnothi Seuton (Know Thyself)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Gnothi Seuton (Know Thyself)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Do we really know who we are?
Are we content to what has been allotted so far?
Do we fully understand what we can achieve?
The blessings are they’re waiting to be received.
Do we walk in darkness or in light?
Do we give our utmost with all strength and might?
It is our own fear of failing that lets us down.
This acceptance of who we are is not very sound.
We have all the faculties of light and splendour.
With your dreams and ambitions never surrender.
We can all be what we want to be.
Open your third eye to clearly see.
Dream today of tomorrow’s reality,
Put behind our human frailty.
Awake the God consciousness within.
Resonate with the universe to let your heart sing.
Regret is worse than failure or success.
Continue to do what you do best.
Swim with the current and not against the flow of life.
Swimming against the current will lead to untold strife.
Our inner self is like the magic genie of old.
To embrace success will make us bold.
Be strong and accept your reality now.
The Divine will show you how.

© Andrew Pell 08/02/09

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