Andrew PellThe Flower of Hiroshima
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The Flower of Hiroshima
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

After the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima,
There was darkness and despair, many died and many scared for life.
Such a destructive evil force was used for the first time on humanity.
The city devastated and thousands and thousands of life destroyed in an instant.
It devastated and completely destroyed the City.
How evil and destructive this weapon was on that fateful day.
People burnt and died in a microsecond of time.
God must have looked down and cried.
However a miracle happened many months after this horrible event.
The Oleander flower blossomed again on this once dark and burnt ground.
The Oleander brought hope to all those who survived.
Humanity must never go down this path again.
When you see an Oleander flower in bloom,
Remember it brought hope and love to a City once destroyed.

Andrew Pell 08/01/2021

(This picture is in the Public Domain)

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