Andrew PellFlames of Hope
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Flames of Hope
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Flames of Hope

When life’s troubles appear visualize fires of hope.
Those flames that are burning bright enable us to cope.
The cinders are troubles dissipating in the air.
The flames that are burning bright show that God does care.
Each tiny flame illuminates the soul enabling us to be bold.
Purifying, cleansing and with your third eye, watch all negativity fall like dross.
The same sensation as those who meditate on the Christian Cross,
There is a quiet stillness and a vacuum in time.
We observe the sacred fire with its majesty sublime.
We connect to the energies of the sacred flame.
We call out to it by its many names.
The spirit of fire attends our special needs.
Captivating our very essence and creed.
Give thanks to the spirits of the sacred flames.
Leave in reverence and awe.
When we are ready the sacred flame will open the window of the mind.
Mystic treasures one will find.
A Perpetual light, such as the holy fire of Christ,
A holy fire that burns for eternity,
The sacred fire that will bring light to our darkest nights,
Radiating Love and peace throughout the world.

© Andrew Pell 17/12/2012

Flames of Hope

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