Andrew PellWhat Do We Find Beyond the Veil?
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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What Do We Find Beyond the Veil?
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Are we on a boat that travels forever with a beautiful white sail?
Do we sleep for a period of time until we are ready to awake?
Do we walk in magnificent gardens beside a never-ending lake?
I believe we go to a place that mirrors our earthly place.
It is a spiritual dimension without time or space.
A land of beauty shining incandescently bright,
As if God himself was the eternal light.
The colours are more beautiful than we can ever imagine or understand.
The finite becomes the infinite divinely planned.
We are not burdened anymore with the physical.
A whole new thought process is connected to the spiritual.
It is a world that is boundless and continuous.
A world that thoughts will happen in an instant, the action is spontaneous.
When you cross over, your favourite earthly Pet is waiting for you.
Reunited at last with his Master, even for animalís dreams come true.
It is a land where the light will shine forever and a day.
There is no more darkness, no more tears, it is love that governs the day.
Do not fear death, death is simply a doorway to anew and exciting journey.
It is a journey we all have to take, acceptance and peace is the key.

© Andrew Pell 07/07/2005

beyond the veil Andrew Pell

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