Thru The Eyes of A Cat
by Robyn L. Stacey


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Thru The Eyes of A Cat
By Robyn L Stacey
Submitted by the poet 9 Sep 2001

Good morning.  This is my Domain.
Where my mistress lives and where kitty reigns.

Here is the kitchen; it's where I dine.
I prefer to eat at 5:30, but she's never on time.
I eat on the counter way up there;
Eat it all myself - who me - share?

Here in the living room there's a box she calls "T.V.";
To me, it's just a box put there for me.
Upon it, I look thru the wall - she named it "the window" -
And I stare at the tree hoping to catch a sparrow.

This is my mistress' room. See the comforter -
That belongs to me - I stole it from her.
Everything here, all that you see,
In some way or form, belongs to me.

There's a dog that lives here; he's always so ruff.
Occasionally, we play, but he always steals my stuff.
He's really OK - maybe even a friend.
Actually, we're kinda close - almost like kin.

Well, I have to go.  My mistress is here -
I heard the car door loud and clear.
She was away at work earning some money
To pamper me with and put food in my tummy.

(c) Robyn L Stacey
January 1991