Andrew PellEvery Day is a Cacophony of Sound
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Every Day is a Cacophony of Sound
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Everyday there is noise that penetrates and disturbs our very senses.
Unstoppable, unavoidable from everywhere with damaging consequences;
From shopping malls, to various churches that people attend.
It pierces our very spirituality, we pray for tranquility that God will send.
Vexatious, confronting fundamentalists pontificate Godís holy word.
Their whole premise and approach is really quite absurd.
We have lost the art of communing with the Divine.
We pray for a silence that is both gentle and kind.
We need to stop and tune out the distractions of everyday.
We ask for a brief respite from the world at play.
Embrace the quietness of life and all that is beautiful.
These precious moments are very restful.
Listen to the music of your heart and soul.
With the music of God, life is never dull.
Walk in a garden and amongst the flowers.
Each leaf, each petal possesses enormous power.
Power to bring clarity to your deepest desire.
Power to set your heart on fire.
Tune out the everyday cacophony of sound.
In the quietness, the peace of God will always be found.

© Andrew Pell 04/07/10

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