Andrew PellThe Elucidation of Divine Truth
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Elucidation of Divine Truth
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

What is truth, this question has perplexed Mankind for Millennia.
It is approached with Depredation and fear.
Never trust a PYSCHIC or a seer.
We need to look deeper and deeper.
There is no one that holds the truth or has the role as the Divine Keeper.
Look again deep within and Go deeper and deeper.
When you find God, God has already found you.
When God finds you, you will no longer be spiritually or worldly blind,
God is the truth so mediate and pray.
God is the only way.
For God is the Elucidation of the Divine.
Go deeper in the Darkness to find the one true light.
The Light is already calling you by name.
The Light will light your path,
God takes on the role of companion and walks with thee.
In the Darkness there is only light.

Andrew Pell 03/01/2014

Andrew Pell poetry elucidation divine truth
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